What They Say…

“My daughter learned a lot during tennis team boot camp and greatly improved her tennis game in a
very short period of time. Thank you!”
– Ann G., Aliso Viejo

“This camp was terrific! My daughter had the opportunity to work in a small group with an outstanding
coach and gain some real understanding and experience. She really enjoyed that the camps were two
hours in length which gave her the chance to brush up on some skills that she hasn’t practiced much
over the summer. She loved it!
– Sandra C., Aliso Viejo

“Mom was able to exercise. The kids enjoyed all the instruction and they had two friends from school. The
camp went very smoothly and kids learned  something new every minute. My kids were encouraged to
keep playing and want to keep learning the game of tennis. There were fun games to keep the
children’s interest. I love how you can play this sport anytime and at any age! It’s a lifelong sport like
coach said …”
– Jill E., Aliso Viejo

“Awesome instructors that not only provided great tennis lessons, but also great life advice. The
instructors provided a very organized and progressive lesson. All of the children were at least 2 levels
better than when they started the Tennis Team Boot Camp Crash Course. We highly recommend this
– Michelle R., Mission Viejo

“Thank you for a wonderful introduction to Tennis, Sofia really enjoyed her week.  She spoke very highly
of the instructors and came home happy everyday.  It was a great experience and we will sign up again!”
– Elizabeth W., Newport Beach

My grandson Rishi had a wonderful time at tennis camp.  His favorite word used to be “awesome” but
now it is “epic”, and he dubbed the camp EPIC. I could see that you and Danielle brought a wonderful
energy and sense of humor to these youngsters, and I appreciate it.
– Anna Marie D., Newport Beach

“Greg was a wonderful first tennis coach for my kids.  He was patient, encouraging and firm just when
he needed to be. We went out to the tennis courts today and it was truly amazing to see what one week
did for my kids.  They loved hitting the ball and played on the courts for two hours without
complaining…like they used to. I believe that is because they learned so much in that week of camp and were able to enjoy practicing tennis.  We’ll be back with you Greg.  Thank you!”
– Melanie S., Newport Beach

“Caroline loved the camp so much she would love to do it again this summer. Please let me know if
there are any more available dates.”
– Mary B., Newport Beach

“Steven did a great job of breaking down the fundamentals of tennis for the kids. He played games that
were fun and engaging.  I would recommend this program for children who are age 6 and up.  Thanks for a great week!”
– Suzanne B., Aliso Viejo

“Our daughter was very excited to go, after she got over a little fear the first day.  The coach was very
good with kids, a real professional.  We liked all aspects of the camp, it was a great intro for beginners.
Thank you coaches for taking good care of our future tennis star.”
– Anon., Newport Beach

“Greg Langdon is fantastic. He followed through with a call to let us know not enough students signed
up. He suggested a mini day camp instead, which we did. Network to get the word out!”
– Anon., Newport Beach

“Thanks Greg!  Sunny had a lot of fun.  Appreciate all your efforts :)”
– Polly K., Costa Mesa

“Greg: your summer camp got Drake interested in tennis during the year…your passion for tennis is
contagious…we are so glad he had the opportunity to be in your camp, and we look forward to doing it
– Jeanne G., Newport Beach

“The instructors worked well with various levels of players, were knowledgeable and spoke at a level
we could understand since we were new, and they gave good pointers.”
– Steve P. Newport Beach

“I think all the kids had a great time and we really appreciate your time and dedication to the kids.
– Anon., Aliso Viejo

“Coach Greg was wonderful with the kids and my daughter really liked him.  He made learning tennis fun for her because he was most patient and encouraging.  I would very much like to seek out Coach Greg again for continuation of her beginning skills.”
– Kirsten B., Newport Beach

“Thank you so much for coaching Dan before tryouts, it really did help her a lot. Also, for coaching Han
as well. Your lessons have been very helpful and we appreciate your help so much. I know Dan is very
excited on playing for the school’s tennis team.”
– Linh N., Aliso Viejo

“Very professional! Tennis is a new sport to my 13 year old grand nephew and Kristi was very patient.
She knows how to teach. See you next year when he visits!”
– Gayle J., Newport Beach

“Started and ended on time, instruction was at level for age group, positive reinforcement provided!
Loved Kristy!!!”
– Heidi K., Newport Beach

“This tennis camp teaches the basics of tennis in an easy-to-understand way and is very fun. The
lessons are easy to understand and the tennis instructors teach very well.”
– Harold A., Aliso Viejo

“I appreciate the organized curriculum, the consistency, and the emphasis on listening and eye contact. Additionally, the expectation of social skills like introductions, and greeting with a handshake reinforces our family’s social expectations in a positive manner.”
– Maria H., Corona del Mar

“We liked everything! Everyday they learned something new and the classes were action filled with
creative ways to enhance their tennis and interest in the game!”
– Peter & Grace N., Costa Mesa

“She was excited about tennis team boot camp the whole week and seems to have made a great leap
forward in her tennis. Her interest in the sport general and her interest in working to improve her ability
– Maggie V., Aliso Viejo

“The boys had an amazing time at camp! Thank you so much for everything. For children who have
dabbled in tennis or who have never even held a racquet, Greg Langdon and his team are the best out
there to get your kids well on their way to a sport which will be a life long joy for them. Coach Greg is an
expert in showing kids how much fun it can be while keeping their minds on the ball.”
– Cari M., Lake Forest

“This was the perfect fit for our daughter, who wants to improve her game. The instruction was
thorough and she felt that she was treated with patience and kindness. Regardless of your kids’ skill
level, this program will improve his or her game. The instructors and very skilled, but at the same time
patient with all participants.”
– Sheryl J., Laguna Niguel

“We really liked the hour long format – just the right amount of time for this age group.  Our coach was
friendly, but also didn’t waste any class time.  My daughter really loved her exposure to the sport of
tennis through this camp.  We plan to continue with lessons in the fall.”
– Sharon Y., Aliso Viejo

“Tennis 101 covers the basics very well, in high details, where a lot of other courses just gloss over.  
We are planning to send our child again to another Tennis 101 because she likes it and because we
think she learns a lot from it.”
– Anon.,

“It was too short! (Ha Ha!) Wish we could enjoy more than one week. Jonathan loved everything about it. I felt Steven did a great job with the kids.”
– Chris F., Aliso Viejo

“The Tennis Team Boot Camp definitely helped me to prepare for high school tryouts and made me more confident playing other girls my age.”
– Katya D., Mission Viejo