“Just want to share with you that yesterday at his DHHS (Dana Hills High School) Tennis Banquet, Eddie received an award for ‘Most Valuable Player’ on the JV Team.  He won the most matches of all his teammates.  We want you to know as you have been a major contributor to his success!”
– Joan Hendershott, Laguna Woods

“I know all the local coaches and you are the best by far! And the only one around here that I want Zack (7) to learn technique from. He really bonded with you and greatly appreciates the semi-private lessons.”
– Amy Caldwell, Aliso Viejo

“It has been a lot of fun, and a great pleasure to learn tennis from you. You are an inspiring and dedicated coach. We will miss you!”
– Karin Piniero, Aliso Viejo

“I want to let you know the kids really enjoy the group experience. We love the balance of structure,
instruction and the competition you provide. AND the fun and life lessons:) I wish you much success in the
new year 2021 and gratitude for the top-tier programs you provide in our community.”
– The Albelo Family, Aliso Viejo

“Congratulations to you, Greg [on your anniversary of 25 years operating the AVCA tennis program]. So
richly deserved! You are a master at imparting tennis excellence!”
– Vin Deegan, Aliso Viejo

“We appreciate the time and attention you’ve devoted  to helping MacKenzie improve her skills, and we are
especially delighted by the way she has come to love the game through your lessons!
– Jane Siesel, Aliso Viejo

“I think your program and the tennis team that Tristan participated in are amazing and truly beneficial. He
learned a ton in your program from you and all your coaches and I’m truly grateful.”
– Chrissie Frickman, Ladera Ranch

“Greg, you’re a fantastic tennis professional! You’ve introduced thousands of youth & adults in Orange
County & elsewhere to tennis, teaching them strong fundamentals for a lifelong of enjoyment of the game.
You’ve taught, & teach, wonderfully to all skill levels including & up to advanced with private & group
lessons. It’s not only great tennis skills you’ve shared with so many, you’ve provided valuable life lessons of
sportsmanship, kindness, perseverance, preparation, respect, fitness, fun & focus. I applaud your 27 year
milestone. And like me, I know all those fortunate enough to have learned from you over the years are
applauding too, even if they don’t currently have a racquet in their hands! Thank you Greg.”
John Locher, Seattle, WA

“Thanks for 10 great years of tennis. Without your coaching I highly doubt I would have progressed the
way I did or stayed with it as long as I have. I’m really, really looking forward to watching [my son] Quentin
hone his coordination, skills and (fingers crossed) love for the game the way I did.”
– Jesse Cross, Aliso Viejo

“Thank you for your positive and very instructive approach in helping Cara improve her game, and for all
the other aspects that respect for the sport of tennis brings to life in general.”
– Peter Eccleston, Aliso Viejo

“Chris mentioned to us how delighted he was to see you last week [when Tesoro HS played] at El Toro
during their match.  I wanted to share his college essay with you, you’ll see why. Thank you for the impact
you had on Chris, he has fond memories of you and Coach Craig.” 
Read Chris Vasquez’s college essay here.
– Pearl Maldonado (Vasquez), Rancho Santa Margarita

“Do you find yourself saying over and over to your students, “That was a great lesson”? I have heard you
say that at least a hundred times! What does that tell you…that you recruited the best students in the OC?
No, it is a reflection of not only your giftedness as an athlete, but it is also a reflection of what a talented
tennis teacher you are! You are so appreciated by so many of us! I am lucky to be one of them!”
Barbara Marks, Coto de Caza

“Greg: Just a quick heads up. We (especially 
Jami) wanted you to know that she made the varsity team [as
a freshman at Aliso Niguel High School]. Jami is of course very excited and looking forward to the season.
Thanks again for all your help and expert instruction which was instrumental in her success!
– Jeff Pinter, Aliso Viejo

“In my very first lesson with you, you really stood out to me as an incredible teacher. I have taken a lot of
lessons when I was much younger at private clubs on the east coast, and even in just one lesson I knew
you were one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. Thank you!”
– Andrea Quimby, Corona del Mar

“I’m sending you this e-mail to let you know that 
Jake made the [Trabuco Hills] High School Varsity Tennis
Team.  I want to thank you for the training that you gave him.  I believe that without it, he may not have
even made the JV team.  I think that you provided him a solid foundation to work with. As his coach, I
wanted to share this ‘good news’ with you.”
– Steve Portanova, Rancho Santa Margarita

“Thanks again for all your wonderful teaching. We will always have your voice in our heads when we’re
playing tennis, saying “Turn!” and so many more of the great things you impressed upon us.  As they say
here in SoCal, “Dude, you’re awesome!!”
Linda, Vinell, Melissa and Walter McWilliams, Aliso Viejo

I am happy that you’re my teacher;
I enjoy each lesson you teach.
As a role model you inspire me
To dream, to work, to reach.
With your kindness you get my attention;
Every day you are planting a seed
Of curiosity and motivation
To know, grow and succeed!
You help me fulfill my potential;
I am thankful for all you’ve done!
I admire you each day, and just want to say…
As a teacher, you’re number one!!!
– Barbara Marks, Coto de Caza

“I also want to take the time to truly thank you for working with 
Ryan this past year.  We so appreciate you,
your patience, and your teaching style.  You are a blessing to us.”
– Theresa Alley, Mission Viejo

“Thank you so much for giving me such solid fundamentals to build on, and for instilling in me your
passion for this sport.”
Tanya Flink, Rancho Santa Margarita

“You are an amazing tennis teacher! I’m so happy that you are helping me. I’ve learned so much from you!”
Vy Tran, Aliso Viejo

“I wanted to thank you for being such a strong influence in my life for the last ten years. You took a pretty
unathletic 8-year-old kid, and turned him into a tennis player worthy of playing [Santa Margarita Catholic]
high school tennis. However, you have also taught me valuable life lessons. You have taught me the
importance of a work ethic and hard work, as well as the rewards of perseverance. Thank you for
everything. And I will miss you next year.”
Niran Somasundaram, Laguna Niguel

“We want to take this opportunity to thank you for being such an important part of 
Niran’s life. As I remind him
often, after his parents, you have had the longest stint as his mentor. Thanks for coaching him a lot more
than tennis – for encouraging him, teaching him the value of hard work, and having fun along the way. We
are forever grateful.”
Suji & Deepa Somasundaram, Laguna Niguel

“Louis took a course with you (and your assistant, John) last summer, and recently he made the Aliso
Niguel High School Junior Varsity tennis squad. Thanks for the support you gave to Louis to achieve his
– Steve Parker, Aliso Viejo

“Greg, we feel truly blessed to have found you to coach 
Jennifer.  You really are making a great impact on
her life now, and she will benefit from your teachings for the rest of her life.”
– Mike Niedringhaus, Aliso Viejo

“I think it’s up to you whether or not you want to be the best tennis player that you can be because Greg
gives you all the key ingredients to become one. The only limiting factor is yourself – Greg provides you
with the rest.”
Manny Carrillo, Rancho Santa Margarita

“Greg, I just wanted to again thank you for making our tennis class so much fun AND informative. I look
forward to it all week long. I swear when we move to Colorado this fall, I will miss my friends, the beach,
and your tennis class.”
Farren Wyner, Aliso Viejo

“Jeff and I want to thank you ever so much for helping us with our tennis skills. We have learned so much
through your patient and detailed teaching approach. Greg, you really have given us the gift of a new
found enthusiasm for a sport that we can learn and play together as a couple.”
Tamme Eroh and Jeff Smith, Aliso Viejo

“Thank you so much for everything – 
Chris absolutely looks forward to class every Saturday. We
appreciate your knowledge and encouragement.”
– Pearl & Roland Vasquez, Rancho Santa Margarita

“Thank you so much for devoting your time, effort and patience to teaching us to master the basics of
proper tennis. We had lots of fun learning in your class, and we will strive to become skilled tennis players.
Thank you again; we look forward to attending future classes.”
– Melissa McWilliams (11), Aliso Viejo

“Thank you for being such a great instructor. You are a huge part of why I enjoy tennis so much.”
Catherine Markel, Aliso Viejo

“Just wanted to let you know that you are the best tennis instructor I’ve had, and I have been to many!
Thanks again!”
– Jeremy Monroe, Aliso Viejo

“Just so you know, I have an incredible amount of respect for you and your ability to teach tennis. I wish I
could have continued classes with you, but I’m excited about leaving for medical school.”
– Arman Sadeghi, Rancho Santa Margarita

“I just wanted to express to you my sincere appreciation for the past six years of tennis. You and your
ability to always encourage as well as teach kept me coming back week after week. I’m always amazed at
your ability to keep the lessons fresh, challenging, and fun. That really speaks to your wonderful talent as
an instructor. But even more than that, I consider you a cherished friend, and someone that has had a big
impact on my life. Thank you.”
Kathy Orr, Aliso Viejo

“Thank you for being a great inspiration and positive role model in 
Kelby’s life, as well as a fantastic tennis
coach. His lessons are one of the best decisions we’ve made for him, and you are a big part of that!”
– Halle & Mike Jacobs, Laguna Niguel

“Greg is awesome!  I have watched him coach children and adults.  His methods and classroom
management are very professional and easy to follow. I now have my daughters enrolled.”
Randy McMichael, Aliso Viejo

“Thank you for being a friend and mentor to the little kids and big kids, as well as a wonderful tennis
– Sharon Sarmiento, Aliso Viejo

“I’m not even sure how to say thank you for the confidence you have given me over the last year and a
half…I will certainly miss my Saturday morning lessons with you, and I’ll always be grateful.”
– Maria Soto, Mission Viejo

“Greg not only understands tennis as an expert practitioner of the sport, but he is also able to convey the basics of the sport in a clear manner that my five-year-old son easily absorbs…he has a true love of his sport and of
the teaching profession and is passionate about sharing his knowledge with others.”
– Frieda Fivelson, Santa Monica

“I couldn’t be more impressed!  Greg has a logical, systematic way of teaching that moves students
through the fundamentals effectively. I was surprised at how much I learned in just 8 weeks.”
– Vicki Riley, Laguna Niguel

“I like watching you when you teach 
Sean. And I like doing those drills. I hope to take lessons from you
Eric McKean (7), Pacific Palisades

“Greg has been a tennis instructor for a long time, and his experience shows in the way he manages the
class, and each individual.  He is effective in providing individual feedback in a group environment.”
Jesus Mantas, Aliso Viejo

“Over the last three years, Greg has helped me progress from a complete beginner to a competitive club
player…I have also become very actively involved in a tennis club, including responsibility for hiring the
tennis staff!”
– George Gates, Beverly Hills

“Thanks for sharing your love and expertise for tennis. The patience you have as an instructor is honestly
amazing.  The ability you have to teach to any skill level is truly a wonderful talent that you possess.  I am
grateful that you are my first tennis instructor.  You have helped me find a passion that I have been
looking for.”
Elizabeth Madsen, Aliso Viejo

“Thank you for helping us discover the great game of tennis in 2005. We sincerely appreciate your
excellent instruction and patience.”
– Mike and Eunice Patterson, Aliso Viejo

“Greg is a great teacher – concise in his directions, very encouraging, and he promotes a fun learning
– Michael Botros, Aliso Viejo

“Thanks for all you have done for Sean and Eric.”
– Kip & Elena McKean, Pacific Palisades